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What is panoramic photography?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a Panoramic Virtual Tour,where you can look all around,must be worth ten thousand.

Pan­or­amic pho­to­graphy refers to the art of cap­tur­ing and cre­at­ing pan­or­a­mas. A pan­or­amic im­age by “stitch­ing” sev­er­al ad­ja­cent pic­tures to­geth­er in­to a single, wide view, and can capture as wide a field of view as possible, all the way to 360° ho­ri­zont­ally and 180° ver­tic­ally. This means that from a giv­en point in space every pos­sible angle and view is covered.


Advantages over tradtional photography

A pan­or­amic im­age can either be viewed like a tra­di­tion­al pho­to­graph, but it is a much more im­mers­ive and ex­cit­ing ex­per­i­ence to watch the im­age with an in­ter­act­ive view­er, giv­ing the ob­serv­er full con­trol over which part and per­spect­ive of the im­age he wants to see.The pan­or­amic view­er gives a much stronger feel­ing of pres­ence than a tra­di­tion­al photo.


Panoramic Virtual Tour example 1


Panoramic Virtual Tour example 2