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What is Panorama and what is a Panoramic Virtual Tour?

Panorama is one single flash. To create a panorama flash one needs to first take photos covering the whole scene (720 degree), then using software stitching the photos into a panorama picture, then export the panorama through software programs into a flash. Panoramic Virtual Tours integrate several panoramas into one tour.

What normally does one need to make a professional panorama?

Traditionally doing a professional virtual tour or panorama flash, one needs to have SLR camera, fisheye lens, panorama head professional tripod, professional software for photo merging and stitching, plus, Software for Virtual tour programming and time and Knowhow of using any of the hardware and software.

Can I DIY?

Yes, this is exactly where we can help you with. You just need a normal camera and a normal tripod. With Online-Panorama, you just need to follow our instructions taking normal sets of pictures send us pictures and we take care of the rest.

There are some online free image stitching software, can I use them, why do I need you?

Yes, you can use those free photo stitching software. However you still need to take the photos yourself and more importantly, the panoramic photos taken without speical panoramic tools (i.e. panoramic head) will normally not be nicely stitched by the free (actually also the paid) softwares. There will be bugs that one will never tolerate.

Because professional panoramic photography requires a pricse identification of the nodal point of a camera. Your photos need to be taken from exactly the same nodal point to avoid parallax errors in the stitched panorama. Panoramic heads are the best tools for achieving that.

However with our specialized manual panoramic images stitching process the tolerance of the parallax errors are very high. We can theoreticlly build any kind of panorama photos into panoramic tours. Not to mention that with our manual image editing capability, we can help you to optimize, manipulate and revise your panoramas as you like. This is also an service that can be used by panoram profis.

Instructions for DIY your own Panorama

Click here to check out the instruction for how to make photo sets

Upload and send photos to us and we will do manual photo stitching and merging

We do further editing and retouching and then programing the photos into panoramic virtual tours

Example of a Panoramic Virtual Tour

Panoramic vir­tu­al tours can help in­crease your busi­ness

A Panoramic Virtual Tour combines serveral related panorama flashes into one virtual tour, where one can click and visit serveral places or rooms within one virtual tour. There is normally a index map to guide the viewer visiting different panorama flashs.

Photo stitching and merging

The first step of making virtual tours is to stitch and merge the photos[...]

After the photos are perfectly stitched and merged into panorama images, we will[...]