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who we are

We are a team of innovative young people. We are professionals for multimedia, interactive and multichannel communications and presentations. Online-Panorama.com is one of the innovative and professional services we offer, which allows you to DIY your Panoramic Virtual Tours with professional quality. We are experts in panorama virtual tours and we take the panorama photos taken by you as input, develop for you the panorama virtual tours.

We have a team of panorama image prcessing expersts who will do manual image stitching, merging and retouching of your panorama photos and program them into virtual tours. With our services you now have great flexibility creating your own virtual tours with lower costs and more creativity.

We have production teams sitting in Shanghai China taking care of  global online panorama editing and programming demands and we also have many contracted professional panorama photographers in Europe, the US and Aisa, in case our custmers would like us to send professionals to be  on site. Again, our online panorama services offer following major benifit to you:

360 Panorama
360 Panorama

We completely innovated the traditional Panoramic Virtual Tours creation process and make it possible for almost everybody with any kind of camera to create by themselves professional panoramic virtual tours at anytime, anywhere.

More Possibilities:

We not only help you to create your own professional Panoramic Virtual Tours, but also can help you design, retouch, revise or manipulate your Panoramic Virtual Tours according to your needs. i.e. to optimize the pictures you have taken, revise, add or delete elements that are needed or of no use…

Key Value-added:

Lower costs: You take the pictures by your own and no long need photographs and hard and software equipment.

More flexibility: You can take the pictures anytime, anywhere without having any special equipment with you.


With our multimedia and multichannel presentation know-how, we also take over bigger virtual tour projects that integrate multimedia content, such as video, audio, flashes, animations, interactive 360 degree product presentations into the panorama virtual tours. For example, we make a panorama virtual tours of a museum, and we can create a 360 degree presentation flashs (see www.360-motion.de) of the artworks in the museum and integrate these flashes into the virtual tour, so that the viewer can visit the museum online.

To view a more comprehensive service portfolio from us please check out www.digital-media-partner.com.

Instructions for DIY your own Panorama

Click here to check out the instruction for how to make photo sets

Upload and send photos to us and we will do manual photo stitching and merging

We do further editing and retouching and then programing the photos into panoramic virtual tours

Example of a Panoramic Virtual Tour

Panoramic vir­tu­al tours can help in­crease your busi­ness

A Panoramic Virtual Tour combines serveral related panorama flashes into one virtual tour, where one can click and visit serveral places or rooms within one virtual tour. There is normally a index map to guide the viewer visiting different panorama flashs.

Photo stitching and merging

The first step of making virtual tours is to stitch and merge the photos[...]

After the photos are perfectly stitched and merged into panorama images, we will[...]

Example of Panorama Retouching

Get a perfect panorama

Once you get a perfectly merged panorama images, there are still a lot of optimization and improvements can be made. For different purpose one may need to do the retouching, revision and sometime manipulation of the panorama.[...]

Virtual Tours and 360 product photography

We also offer 360 product photography which allows 360 degree view of an object. Click here for more details[...]

We can integrate 360 product view flash into one panoramic virtual tours[...]

Museums, product show rooms would be ideal examples with this integrated soution of panoramic virtual tour and 360 product flash[...]